Recap and Review PERSON OF INTEREST Episode 3.18 “Allegiance”

AllegianceIf you haven’t seen the episode yet, this is not an article for you.  It contains spoilers for this and future PERSON OF INTEREST episodes so read at your own risk.

Written by Tony Camerino and directed by Jeffrey G. Hunt, “Allegiance” brings us back to the procedural aspects of the show. For the first time in a long time, we see interactions between Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Finch (Michael Emerson) that made the show so popular in its inception and their primary reason for joining forces to begin with, saving lives.  We are treated to long over due ‘family’ scenes of Reese, Finch and Bear (Graubaer’s Boker) without worrying about Decima Technologies and their Samaritan system, at least for most of the episode.  Long have I missed that!


The episode focuses on Maria Martinez (Nazneen Contractor) a name we were given at the end of last week’s episode.  At that time the Machine was calculating the threats to various people when Samaritan comes on line.  Maria was listed with a threat of 78%, even higher than Finch!  Would appear she is a very big part of the Samaritan system.  Might her character appear in some of the remaining episodes?

After the title sequence plays, we follow the machine as it analysis an incident in Mosul, Iraq. The machine is tracking an imminent power grid failure due to the disappearance of six hydroelectric generators.

The next scene takes place in the library where Bear is busy throwing books from a shelf to uncovering treats Finch had hidden behind them.  Finch appears quite exasperated that Bear had found the treats and professes such to Reese who seems quite amused by the scene.  So nice to see!  This season the series just hasn’t had enough of the camaraderie we used to see between Reese and Finch.  And lets not forget their child, Bear!  Need MORE!tumblr_static_bear_pouncing_on_reese

As an exasperated Finch stops Bear and starts’ replacing the books, Reese reminds Finch Bear is a military working dog, search and rescue, train to track people, uncover explosives. Reese helps Finch with the books, as Finch says he should have Bear track down Shaw (Sarah Shahi) who seems to be MIA.  Reese had the impression Finch had put her on the new number, which he had, but relates communication is not Shaw’s strong suit.

Shaw chimes in saying she has Martinez in sight. As Maria checks on crates destined for overseas countries, Shaw clones her phone and comments on the huge number of foreign contacts she has.  While Bear relaxes on his bed, Finch fills both Reese and Shaw in on Maria’s background.  With a Masters in engineering from Stanford, she works for Hydral Corp. a private energy company that is currently working on reconstruction projects in third world companies building multi-million dollar generators.  Her last project was replacing generators inside a hydroelectric plant in Iraq, that project the machine was analyzing at the start.  Those were the generators that went missing.

At this point Maria is joined by her boss, Ken Davis (Casey Biggs), who compliments her on the installation of GPS trackers in the shipments because they can’t afford to lose anything like they did in Iraq.  Maria takes a phone call in private, is instructed by the caller that the package is ready and says they should meet at the usual place in an hour.  Maria steals a GPS tracker, lies to Davis about the call and leaves.  Reese comments that is sounds like pre-operational tactics used by terrorist cells but Finch reminds them that if she were a relevant number she would be the government’s concern.  Reese wonders if the machine may have given them a relevant case by mistake. Shaw agrees saying “ever since it’s had that cochlear cuckoo on speed dial.” Finch see no reason Root (Amy Acker) should be a factor but Reese already is cocking his gun saying he believes Shaw is going to need help.

image002Speaking of Root, as a bewilder Finch watches Reese leave, Root comes on line asking why Harold wanted to talk to her or the machine.  Finch is perplex how Root would know that, but immediately realizes the machine told her.  Wonder why the machine doesn’t just contact Finch itself?  Use to in the past.

Finch starts to ask if she knows anything about their current number, but Root answers before he asks which makes me wonder why Root asked Harold what he wanted in the first place.

Anyway, she doesn’t.  She has bigger fish to fry. As she follows an individual in a subway, she updates Finch, and in the process the viewers, on the chip that was stolen last week.  It has been duplicated a thousand fold, which will allow Samaritan to run at full power.   The machine informed her Greer (John Nolan) was back in NY and she feels eliminating him might be their only recourse now.  Hmm…thought the machine didn’t approve of violence, even if Root did.

b7f3e436a2f049fbc9583de0f7f17c07We stay with Root to see if she succeeds in her mission, but using very effective video and audio countermeasures, all to confound the machine, Greer eludes her.

The scene switches to Reese and Shaw in a café where they are watching Maria meet Jamal Risha (Usman Ally), an Iraqi immigrant.  They discuss Jamal’s brother, Omar (Haaz Sleiman), who is being held in detention.  Jamal is adamant that if Omar is deported he will be killed in Iraq. Maria says she is doing everything she can but ‘he’ won’t see her.  The ‘he’ is unknown to us currently.

Finch fills in the gaps. Seems Omar was detained by Homeland Security when he arrived in NY a week ago and is currently being held under high security measures only reserved for terrorists.

Rejoining Maria and Jamal, Maria says they only have a small window of opportunity. Jamal gives her a large package saying, “This will open their eyes.”  Sure sounds like they are terrorists. Reese and Shaw think so too. Maria and Jamal part company as do Reese and Shaw.  Reese follows Jamal and Shaw takes Maria.

And now Fusco (Kevin Chapman) comes on the scene as he and Shaw stake out Maria at the UN.  Bored, Fusco questions why they are watching someone take photos. Shaw explains a local doesn’t usually take tourist photos of the UN.  Fusco agrees and asks why she needs him if she is so smart.  Here a cop steps to the window telling Fusco he had to have a special permit to park where he is.  Fusco says he does, and shows him his badge.  As the cop leaves, Shaw says Lionel is making himself useful which starts Fusco on a tirade about UN diplomats and their diplomatic immunity.  After a while Shaw says she should have just stolen a badge.  And yes she could have.  Reese always carries Stills’ badge when he needs cop entry. I would expect Shaw to be just as resourceful; unless there is another reason the show wants Fusco and Shaw to interact more.  🙂

CBS_POI_318_CLIP1_IMAGE_640x481Their friendly banter continues until Shaw notices Maria’s photos could be considered a surveillance tactic used just before an attack.  Maria seems to be spying on Rene Lapointe (Michael Gill), a French diplomat and High Commissioner for Refugees who is responsible for approving Omar’s asylum request.  As Lapointe enters a limousine, Maria covertly attached her GPS to the car and follows in a taxi.

We pick up Shaw and Fusco still trailing Maria, and Fusco still complaining about the diplomats.  Shaw recommends he get a passport and do some traveling.  Fusco says he has one.  He and his ex went to St Thomas for their honeymoon.  That’s the US Virgin islands’ St Thomas as Shaw quickly points out.

We see Maria cross the street after she changed into some very nice clothes.  She is heading to the same restaurant Lapointe just entered and she is still carrying the package. Shaw heads inside to cover the activities and Fusco heads around back.

Inside Maria enters an invitation only party and Shaw follows lifting an invitation from another attendee’s pocket.  Maria takes the package from her purse and heads for Lapointe.  Shaw draws her gun in readiness but Maria only hands the diplomat information about Omar.  She says she has proof Omar isn’t a terrorist.  He works for US forces in Iraq and her company as a translator.  The packet also contains a recommendation from her boss Ken Davis and that should be all the proof he needs.

Lapointe explains Homeland Security has asked him to weigh all the evidence before classifying refuges.  She wants to know what evidence he has to the contrary which Lapointe claims is confidential but Omar will have a fair hearing.images

As Lapointe starts to leave, she blocks his path saying she gets it.  What’s the going rate?  He calls her insane and asks security to remove her but a white knight comes to her rescue.  No, it’s not Reese.   It’s a Greek Diplomat, Christoph Savin (William Abadie) who says she is with him and takes Maria back to his table.  He knows she works with his friend, Ken Davis, and asks what is going on.  She explains about Omar, that the allegations of his terrorist activities are false but Lapointe won’t listen.  Savin explains Lapointe didn’t get where he is by being nice, but he will make some calls. He gives her his card and leaves.

Finch has already looked him up.  Savin is a career diplomat currently serving on the Sustainable Energy Program.  He raises funds to support reconstruction projects like the one Maria worked on in Iraq. Finch says he needs to get a look at the evidence against Omar.  He feels Omar needs a good lawyer and says it’s time he and Reese did a little pro bono work.  And now we get to see something else that has been too far and few between this season, Reese and Finch working a subterfuge together.

And that’s the next scene in the episode.  Finch, as Mr Kingfisher, and Reese join Lapointe in his office. Finch explains his firm represents several refugees who worked for the US in Iraq. Finch brings up Omar’s case at which point Lapointe beings out Omar’s file.  Finch asks to see it as he needs to prepare a defense which Lapointe allows but Finch can’t take it from his office.

Lapointe explains he received a letter from the Iraq Ministry of the Interior stating Omar was involved in terrorist activities.  As Lapointe talks Finch has passed the file to Reese who covertly takes a photo of it with a camera hidden in a pen.  Love it!  Oh and did I say, Reese looks gorgeous in a tie?  🙂

Reese reports that the Ministry of the Interior is hardly reliable.  It’s full of Shiite militia members who view any one who helped US forces as traitors. Lapointe claims three years ago two terrorist were given asylum posing as former interpreters.  Finch remarks such an isolated incidence should not be a deciding factor in the plight of thousands but   Lapointe is concerned what could happen to the asylum process if even one more terrorist slips into the country. Reese and Finch feign understanding and leave.image006

We now follow Maria and find Shaw and Fusco are still tailing her.  She has arrived home and after punching in her building security code, a man comes up behind her to open the door.  He then followers her inside pulling the door closed behind him.

Shaw tells Finch they will need backup as Maria and the mystery man get in the elevator.  As the door closes, Shaw enters and stands between Maria and the man who we all know by now is an assassin.   If the all black clothes didn’t give him away, the beard would. Shaw smells the chloroform he’s carrying and mentions to him she prefers potassium chloride. It doesn’t show up on toxicology screens and it also doesn’t smell.  The hit man knows he’s been made and a fight ensues.  Shaw subdues him with his own chloroform.  Pretty cleaver!

Maria is shocked and confused.  Shaw rationalizes the assassin is French foreign legion.  She asked the ETA on Captain America and Finch replies he will be there directly.

Shaw draws her gun and tells Maria to stay close to the wall when the elevator door opens. The hit man may have friends.  And he does.  More are there when the elevator opens.  Shaw takes out two as Fusco appears around the corner.  I was wondering where he was.  If Shaw can get into the building and to the elevator before the door closed, why couldn’t Fusco?  Guess they had him take the stairs but it must have been a long climb to the 11th floor.image018

Fusco’s attacker gets away down the stairs but other shows up behind Maria and Shaw.  As he takes aim, Reese bolts from the stair well and runs full force into the thug sending them both out the window.  Here has got to be one of the funniest scenes in the episode.

Maria, Fusco and Shaw all run to the window to see they two have dropped 11 floors landing on the roof of a car; Reese is on top of the assassin.    For a moment neither moves, and then Reese climbs down, shakes off the glass, looks up at the trio and acts like it’s no big deal.  image002The three upstairs still can’t believe it.  Fusco’s comment, looking at the remains of the hit man, “Hope that guy has health insurance.”  The look Shaw gives Fusco is priceless!  LOL  For all intents and purposes that stunt, which was very well filmed and executed, was not as dangerous as you might think, just ask any paratrooper.    If you know how to land and are in good shape, it can be very effective as we saw and it is AWESOME to watch. Reese being a special forces Green Beret would have learned all about jumping.  A fact Reese explains to Shaw as they arrive at the safe house with Maria.  Love it when Reese saves the day!  Just wish we saw more of it!

As Reese opens the door for both the ladies, Shaw thanks him for saving them though she still seems a bit bewildered about it.  Nice touch.  Polite is always better received than snarky.  Hope that is a subtle change they decide to keep.

POI_0318_Maria7Maria ask them who they are and Finch explains they are just there to help people and they only require one thing for their services; the truth.  Maria says Omar was her interpreter on her last project. They were on a convoy transporting six generators from Kuwait to Iraq when they were ambushed.  She was about to be over run when Omar saved her life.  Reese feels Omar deserves a medal.  After Maria left Iraq, Omar started receiving death threats.  If he is sent back, he’ll be killed.  And she doesn’t know how French legionnaires are involved but the day before he left, Omar wanted to talk to her about missing generators but not over the phone.

Finch now shows her the letter he and Reese took from Lapointe.  She emphatically denies Omar has anything to do with terrorists.  Finch reports Fusco arrested one of the legionnaires and may get more information when he questions him.  Reese postulates they could be working for a foreign intelligence service or as Finch adds, they could be working for Lapointe.  When Lapointe was head of peacekeeping in the Congo, one of the units under his control was a company of French legionnaires.

When Maria asks why Lapointe would want to kill her for trying to get Omar into the US, Reese says they need to talk to Omar.  Maria says it’s impossible.  They can’t even trust his government appointed lawyer to get a message to him.  Reese smiles, and says maybe he’ll trust his new representation and pats Finch on the shoulder.  Surprised, Finch goes back undercover.

At the DOC, Finch convinces Omar Maria sent him. He tells Omar about the legionnaires attach on Maria, that she is in a safe place and wants to know what it was Omar wanted to tell Maria during their last conversation.  Omar says it was about the generators.  After Maria left, the generators were never installed.  The electric plant failed and the region went dark, a fact we saw the machine analyzing at the beginning of the episode.280px-POI_0318_Omar

Omar continued there was no power for hospitals, patients died on operating tables, and the local police lost control.  Within a week, Al-Qaeda moved back into the compound.

Finch wants to know what happened to the generators.  That is what Omar wanted to tell Maria.  Right before he left, he translated a contract for the transportation of six generators signed by Ken Davis.

Finch realizes that when Maria had Davis write a letter supporting Omar’s asylum, Davis knew that if the asylum was granted, Omar would have the chance to tell Maria about what Davis had done.  At that point, police showed up, told Omar his asylum had been denied and he leaves in an hour.  Not what Finch will allow!

Finch immediately sends Fusco the new information, explaining that Davis, Maria’s boss, misdirected the generators to an unknown destination.  It’s not known why, but Omar knew about it and arranged for Omar to be deported back to Iraq where he will be killed.  Fusco claims Davis doesn’t have that kind of authority, but Finch believes he does have the resources to convince a corrupt UN diplomat to do it for him.  Fusco decides to pay Davis a visit.

Back with Maria, Shaw tells Maria about the generators and Maria also has no idea why Davis would move them.  She says she needs to get to Omar and Shaw stops her. When Shaw tells her she is safe here, Maria admits she and Omar were more than business associates.  They are in love and were supposed to be married.  She has to get to him.  She has to stop his deportation.

Shaw insists she has to trust them.  When Maria asks why, Shaw relays some of her own past.  Seems Shaw’s mother was an academic in Iran.  When the Ayatollah took over in ’79, someone risked his life smuggling her mother out.  That someone turned out to be her father.  Poignant, except it fails to convince Maria to stay put and let them handle it.

Maria still insists she needs to go and when she reads the letter from the Iraq Government and Davis’ letter of recommendation together, they realize both letters were written by the same man, Davis.  Maria says the original is in Lapointe office and she has to get it.  She knows someone who will help her; she knows a way to get it.  Shaw still refuses to let her go and the scene shifts to Fusco questioning Davis.

Fusco points out they have Davis’ phone records which show all the times he has called his partner in crime Lapointe.  And that they have already issued a warrant for Lapointe for the attempted murder of Maria.  Once Lapointe talks, they will have the letter Davis forged to ship Omar back knowing he’d be killed.  Fusco is loving every minute of this. When Davis says the NYPD can’t touch him due to his UN connections, Fusco just sits there with a smile on his face.  He knows this time, the UN is up against Finch’s team and rules protecting diplomats won’t do Davis any good.  Boy is Davis in for a BIG surprise.

Back with Maria and Shaw, Maria is frantic.  With no word on Omar, she says she could use a drink. When Shaw leaves the room to find some liquor, Maria runs away.  Not only giving Shaw the slip, but using her engineering skills to jamb the door shut electronically so Shaw can’t even open it.  I could see that coming as soon as Shaw left the room.

image012We now join Finch outside the DOC as he watches Omar being loaded into a van.  He contacts Reese saying we have to do something so he’s going to pursue but Reese says he doesn’t have too.  Reese has is under control.  The next shot we see Reese is posing as a DOC officer and driving the van.  After the second officer climbs in the cab, Reese knocks him out and drives away with Omar dumping the unconscious officer at the corner.  Finch reports the good news to Shaw who is still trying to get the safe house door open.  LOL.  Then she tells him she lost Maria and believes she is headed to Lapointe’s office.    Now the fun begins!

At the UN we see Maria telling a guard she needs to see Savin, her white knight from earlier, but without a badge the guard won’t let her enter. In the background, we see Savin approach telling the guard Maria is his guest.  Savin explains his idea of help was making a few calls.  Maria tells him about the forged letter and the need to get into Lapointe office which Savin thinks is absurd.  Maria tells him Davis conspired with Lapointe to have Omar killed and not they have tried to kill her as well to cover the theft of generators in Iraq.  She says she will explain more later but right now she needs to get that letter.  Savin agrees to take her as far as Lapointe’s office but that’s it.

Reese takes Omar back to the safe house where it seems Shaw has finally managed to get the door open.  The team explains the who, what and why of their help and say now they have to rescue Maria.  She has gone to the UN to get evidence to bring down Davis and Lapointe.

 Finch says are they honestly suggesting they break into the UN.  AllegianceThey have triple layered security, infra red cameras with motion detectors.  Both Reese and Shaw shrug their shoulders like it’s no big deal.  Reese says he has an idea, but it will require a smoke screen and a big ass truck and walks off to set it up.

The scene shift to Shaw standing outside the UN compound.  She is in position and tells Reese to step on it.  She takes aim at the UN embassy with a teargas gun.  She pops a smoke bomb into a fourth floor window and once the smoke is detected, the guards evacuate the building and call 911 only to find the fire department is already there.

Outside we see a huge fire engine arriving on the scene loudly announcing it’s arrival.  Then we heard Reese tell Lionel to stop playing with the horn.  Seems the ‘firemen’ consist of Reese. Fusco and Omar.  Once they stop, Lionel says ever since he was a kid he has wanted to drive one of these things.  Reese hands him an axe, takes one for him and the three head into the building.  Now that’s a plan!!!!   🙂

Inside we see Savin and Maria in Lapointe’s office. Maria is frantically looking through Lapointe’s desk.  I was surprised to see Savin there as he initially wanted to wash his hands of Maria after he took her to Lapointe’s office.  What was his reason for changing his mind?

He starts asking her if she has told anyone else about Lapointe and says they should stop while they are ahead.  Of course, Maria refuses just like she did with Shaw.  We turn back to Finch who is trying to dig up info on Davis when Root calls.  She tells him to use Harber Gate as his search criteria.  She has no idea what it means but he’s welcome.  Oh and by the way, she is borrowing Bear.    Finch is too involved in what opens on his screen to ask any question. I’m guessing that’s the reaction Root hoped for.

AllegianceWhat Finch sees is an import declaration from Turkey for six generators. The requester is Savin. So now we know why he has been helping Maria.

Back in the lobby, our three fire fighters are confronted by armed legionnaires just as Maria finds the original letter in Lapointe’s office.  Now Lapointe walks in.  He said he should have known it was Maria when the guards called but what is Savin doing here. Savin responds to Lapointe in perfect French, pulls out a gun and shoots him. Seems Savin was part of the legionnaires so all these French goons running around are his.

Back in the lobby, Reese has a smirk on his face as one of the gunmen tell him he can consider this payback for what Reese did to his friend.  I’m assuming he means the one who landed on top of the car, though that guy should be dead.  When Reese laughs, the gun man wants to know what is funny.  Reese’s reply, “The second round is always more accurate than the first.”  When the gunman asks what second round, Reese doesn’t even have a gun.  Reese explains he wasn’t talking about himself.

As if on cue, Shaw fires another smoke bomb this time at the legionnaires taking one out immediately.  The fight is on and Fusco seems unsure who to help first Reese or Omar.  He chooses Omar and Reese deals with the rest.  The last one Reese takes out with a gun, which he did have.  Hehehe    His parting comment, “So much for payback!”   The three run for Lapointe’s office.

In the office Maria is finding out Savin was a part of it all from the beginning.  Savin claims he did it for politics but Maria says it was purely for greed.  He plans on killing her and he says, as this is UN property, the NYPD can’t investigate.  As he is about to pull the trigger an axe flies past his head imbedding in the wall behind him.  Reese has arrived.

Fusco tells him to drop it as Reese makes Savin aware they know what he did.  Savin and Davis stole the generators from Iraq.  When Savin says they have no proof, Reese tells him next time, have someone else sign the custom form.

As Fusco goes to put the cuffs on, Savin draws a knife and swings at Fusco, who promptly decks him with a punch.  Fusco’s comment, “Turns out Immunity doesn’t keep you from bleeding.”  But Savin isn’t done, he gets up to attack again, and this time Maria knocks him out with a paperweight.

We see a quick shot of the machine still searching for the generators but not finding them.  Let’s guess they ended up with Decima for use by Samaritan.  Yeah?

The scene switched to an upscale restaurant where Maria and Omar are having a very romantic meal.  Fusco interrupts presenting Omar with his approved asylum papers.  Fusco also says Greece revoked Savin’s diplomatic immunity so the NYPD arrested him for the murder of Lapointe.person-of-interest-allegience2

As Fusco walks out, he sees Shaw sitting alone at the bar.  Joining her he asks what’s up as he thought the case was closed.  He buys her a glass of champagne for Persian New Year saying that’s what’s great about New York.  You don’t have to travel, all the cultures come here.  That starts Shaw reminiscing about her past.  Seems her father brought her mother here on their first date.  She apparently was the one who recommended the place to Maria.  Fusco agrees it’s a nice place and sits with her a while but eventually he seems to make her uncomfortable, so she says he should leave now.   He wishes her a happy New year and departs.  Too be honest, I thought he was going to give her a kiss on the cheek.  Not sure if that was the message they were trying to convey.

That just leaves one loose end to tie up…Root.  At the library Finch tells Reese Davis had disappeared and with his connections he could be anywhere.  He also says he hopes Root isn’t feeding Bear any chocolate.

Scene switches to Root and Bear walking outside.  I’m assuming Bear is tracking Greer because she finds him having a meeting with none other than Ken Davis. Seems the generators were for Decima and Davis reports they were shipped last week.  Greer says he’s sorry about Savin but it’s just as well, he can’t afford any liabilities.  Davis says Greer’s lucky he is careful.  Greer hands him a packet of money just as Greer’s men put a bag over his head and drag him off to be killed.  Of course, Root and the machine overhear everything.

AllegianceWe again see Greer in a crowded subway with Root and Bear tailing him.  He uses the same video and audio countermeasures as before but this time Bear can still follow him.  Root draws her gun as she rounds a corner and finds Greer alone waiting for her.

He compliments Bear on his tracking abilities and says they should cut to the chase.  Root says he has two hard drives, a superconducting chip and six generators that don’t belong to him.  Greer says he isn’t interested in talking about small things but wants her to see the bigger picture.  Greer believes he and Root have more in common that she thinks.  Root disagrees.  She wants the machine to be free and Greer wants to control it.  Greer says its human nature to want to control wealth no matter what form is comes in.  He offers her a deal to join Decima.  He says he knows Root isn’t crazy like everyone else thinks.  They understand what’s coming, what’s about to happen.

Root doesn’t think he is in any position to negotiate as she has the gun and they are alone.  Not so, which Root normally would have known.  Greer has been one step ahead of her the whole time, why wouldn’t he be now?  Root and Bear are suddenly surrounded by a number of gunmen.  Greer decided to spare Root’s life, to call it a draw, and says next time they meet she should reconsider his offer.  He walks away as Root seems to wonder about his proposal.  Or maybe that is what we are supposed to think.  At least Bear is safe.


Reese, Finch and Bear, Captain America, Finch receiving numbers for terrorist, Reese plummeting 11 floors to land on a car roof?   How could you not like this episode?  It got back to its core objectives for a change and was very refreshing to see.

While the episode did contain a small part regarding the serial aspects of this season, it was mostly about what we all love best, the team working together, doing awesome stuff and saving people.  In the process we got to see some curious character development and more background info as well

image024Anyone see a similarity between Reese and Carter and Fusco and Shaw?  And I’m talking about the original friendship Reese and Carter shared not the supposed romance that developed out of left field earlier this season all for the sake of a mid season’s cliff hanger.  That friendship was based on mutual trust and admiration, was awesome to see and greatly enriched both characters.

At the start, Reese considered Carter a problem, much the way Fusco first related to Shaw especially after he felt she had used him as a human shield in this season’s premier.  Fusco’s take on Shaw was that only the dog liked her.  Now however things have changed and that started when she saved his son’s life, awesome for sure.

Over the season we have seen Fusco more accepting of her.  She pops in his car for chats, like Reese always used to do with Carter.  Shaw pops in Fusco’s house, as Reese used to do with Carter. And they are working closer on cases than before.  Talking about issues and learning to respect and accept each other more.  How about Fusco calling her Sameen?  That’s a first.  And that look Fusco gave her in the restaurant I hope was one of admiration and not affection.  It seems they are becoming comrades and I hope that’s all it is, because a romance always spoils a perfectly good friendship and can really puts a damper on a show.image028

Shaw had some interesting dialog this time outside of her interactions with Fusco.  Twice she attributed a nickname to a character which usually isn’t her style.  She referred to Root as the cochlear cuckoo and Reese as Captain America.  Loved the last one!  It’s funny but just seems out of place.  And she thanked Reese for helping her even though she was amazed at his method.

Though she has been depicted as being genetically unable to feel emotion, she was anything but this episode.  Her reminiscing about her parents was a very fond trip down memory lane for her and not expected from some introduced as a sociopath. Remember it wasn’t but a few episodes back we saw Shaw totally unmoved by the death of her father.  Now she is moved over being at the restaurant her parents had their first date in.  Large change for the character.

And what can you say about Reese, Finch and Bear!  I love seeing them share some ‘family’ moments as they did in season’s past.  Who can forget Reese and Finch giving Bear a bath, the three going to the movies on a rainy afternoon or the walks in the park they use to take. And who could forget Bear’s visit to his new vet!  Sadly much of these have been eliminated in season 3.  Wish the writers would put more into the heart-warming scenes we use to have.  It’s the little things that mean so much.

Even seeing Reese and Finch work together was a treat.  Reese in the field making things happen for Finch and Finch in the library working his computer magic.  How can you go wrong? And who can not like Reese as the invincible, unkillable hero or his special military attributes?   We should be treated to his abilities once very episode.  Never can get enough for me.

As for Root, she moved the serial aspects along keeping the continued threat of Decima alive with her decision, and it appears the machines as well, to eliminate Greer.  Surprised me as I thought the machine was against violence, but not in this episode.  It helped her try to track Greer.  At any rate, she failed because Greer was always one step ahead of her, and she’s lucky she didn’t get Bear killed.

In the end, we see Greer isn’t interested in killing her, just offering her a deal which he does when the machine has no way to over hear it. The same one he offered Stanton a few seasons ago.  He wants her to join Decima.  She declines verbally but her look seems to not confirm her words.  At this point it’s anyone’s guess where the show will go with Root.  She is a sociopathic killer that they have taken great pains to show may have a soul somewhere.   I’m guessing we are supposed to wonder how she will swing when it looks like Decima will be the one with the god machine in the end.  She is the only unknown in the season so far.  The rest seem to be firmly entrenched behind Reese and Finch.  We all know the finale will have Decima in charge and Finch’s team in dire straits.  That’s what cliffhangers are.  Also when the machine was compiling the threats to various people at the end of last week’s episode, Root wasn’t mentioned.    Strange since she claimed she was going to be one of the first killed.  Root could very well turn out to be a foe again this season, but the team’s savior next season.  Only time will tell.cf35165e2eb74e9ace3b70f031d3c092

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