Review PERSON OF INTEREST Episode 3.23 “Deus Ex Machina”

104807_d0047bcWhat can I say? We didn’t get our happy ending. In fact we got the worse one possible. And all for shock value! Don’t get me wrong, shock value is great…when it’s done appropriately. When it’s interwoven with solid consistence storylines, when there is a logical progression to that story and good writing structure that incorporates all that has come before. This was not the case.

The episode was very interesting but I did expect it to be faster paced that it was. We were half way through the show and Reese was still floundering to find Finch. That should have been the main focus of the story not the trial. Even I knew the trial wasn’t going anywhere. Seen that trick in many other series. The show is based on the machines anonymity so it existence and Samaritans was not going to be revealed to the public at all. The show did it with the power outage and the big explosion so no one who hadn’t already known about Finch and the machine was alive to tell the tale. Not even Finch’s big reveal was a biggie. It really was pretty predicable.

There were some more plot twists which were interesting but not really necessary to the story. Hersh paired with Reese…Seriously? Reese, Fusco, Bear and Shaw should have gone for Glasses. Hersh wasn’t necessary, though we had to see him redeemed too. And his death was dramatic. Love explosions!

Root was with the machine and needed no one’s help. Isn’t that why she sent the hackers and her friend away last episode, because it was too dangerous for anyone but her? And a redemption for Control…Seriously? And three of the supposedly best computer programmers and hackers could only come up with a way to hide from Samaritan? Finch already had done that, though he only hid himself, another bad mistake made by the producers. Finch is a man of honor and conviction. He wouldn’t hide from the world to save himself and let his friends out in the cold. Seriously?

And all this because the senator wasn’t killed in a past episode? Seriously? If he was that important to the machine, why didn’t it send Root back to do the job Finch wouldn’t or better yet, send her in the first place? And why not have the machine mess with stop lights and traffic signals to cause the senator to have a fatal accident. There are any one of a number of scenarios’ that could have played out better, give a logical conclusion to this story and not have it drag in to next season.

And who out there thinks the Machine missed Decima creating Vigilance? Seriously? This all knowing AI unit with assess to all emails, texts, social networking, and video surveillance never saw Greer texting Collier? Seriously?

All they did was try to cause pain and sorrow for the viewers in an attempt to bring them back in the fall, and that kind of writing can backfire terribly. There is a trust or bond that is created between a series and its viewers and it’s fragile. It should never be broken or betrayed and TPTB for this series did just that all season 3.

Now we have the team separate, and Fusco who now knows about the machine but has no friends to guide him in its attributes. Why tell him at all now? And we couldn’t even have Reese and Finch stay together. Who out there thinks Reese would ever let Finch on his own now that he has no identities to hide behind, no fortune to count on, no friends to trust, and injured to boot? Not the Reese I know! Reese has been portrayed as being willing to give his live for total strangers to save them and he’s deserting his friend? Finch and Bear wouldn’t have been better with Reese? A man so highly skilled and dedicated to a person who he feels saved his life by giving him a purpose. Who he has claimed the world is a better place if Finch is in it? Seriously? So then, why do it? It’s all for shock value and that is sad to me. The show had so much more in seasons 1 and 2 and it all seems to have been forgotten this year.

And the library is gone. How sad is that. How will they decode the numbers now? Or will the next HQ have all of Finch’s books too? And why destroy it at all? What was the point of going there in the first place? Those were NYPD officers. What did NYPD hope to find in a deserted building? Looters? Seriously? But it did shock the fans and that’s the only purpose it served.

Decima rules now. Of course we all know it won’t last but given these writers track record, we won’t see Samaritan end immediately next fall. They will drag it out for a few episodes first. And then what? Everything goes back to normal? What is normal now? Certainly the saving of innocent lives through irrelevant numbers would be a step down from what the series did in season 3. So where is all this headed? I liked what it was and while time doesn’t stand still, the rudimentary principles the show was developed on should have been kept. That just didn’t seem to be the case this season.

For me, I’m going to spend time with friends reviewing the earlier seasons when, the series was fun and entertaining. When character development was a high priority, the writing was consistent and strong, and served more of a purpose that just shocking it’s fans. So much this season was started and never finished. So many storylines were dropped and never concluded. Can season 4 fix that? Can it ever match up to what was given in the earlier years? Only time will tell. And that’s 4 months of time right now. YIPES!   🙂

See you in the fall!



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