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Angie’s review of ‘Supernatural’ S10E1 “Black”

Recap: While Dean enjoys his newfound freedom as a demon, Sam searches for his brother and quickly finds himself in harm’s way. Castiel teams with Hannah to search for a pair of rogue Angels.

DeanI’ll admit I was thrown by the tenth season premiere of “Supernatural.” Seeing Dean in this new light… dealing with the massive shift in his personality…It was unnerving, like nothing we’ve seen before. And that’s exactly why I loved it.

We’ve seen Dean be many things: guilt ridden, angst-y, fiercely protective. Still, nothing could have prepared us for how cold, cruel, and cutting he could be as a demon. (I actually flinched at the conversation between Dean and Ann Marie at the end of the episode.)

Dean was a jerk, responding to every incident, no matter what it was, with violence. He focused on his own happiness at the expense of everyone else: living for the booze, the broads, and the bad karaoke. Why Crowley believed he could “control” Dean is beyond me. He never had much success at it when he came across the Winchesters on a good day.

Sam and ColeNo, Dean proved that no one would control him, not even little brother Sam. When Cole, a new Hunter (for lack of a better description) captured Sam and threatened to kill him, Dean was not worried. He promised he’d find Cole, eventually, and kill him. Dean then turned his back on his brother – leaving him to find his own way out of the mess.

Crowley and DeanAnd what a mess Sam’s in. The brother he idolizes is a demon and the only person he could turn to for help is growing weaker and sicker by the moment. All that he can do, really, is to search for the man that he blames for turning his brother and hope that he doesn’t lose himself in the process. If I were Crowley I think I’d be watching my back – Sam is livid. If there’s one thing Crowley should have learned by now it’s not to mess with a Winchester.

Though the episode was not without its faults, overall, it was an enjoyable outing. Hopefully the rest of the season will shake out to be one of the best yet. I was a bit wary of demon Dean at the end of season nine, but I’m intrigued to see where this season will take us.

Parting thoughts:

  • Dean’s song choices for karaoke killed me. Will we see more of the performances on the gag reel? (You know the guys had fun with that.)
  • Once Dean’s restored, he’s going to have a lot to deal with. Let’s just hope he hasn’t burned his bridges with Sam and Cas by then.
  • Hannah – I’m not sure what I think of her yet.  I think Castiel will land in trouble because of her.
  • This new guy, Cole. I’m guessing he’s not a Hunter, but what is he, exactly? Why is he so ticked with Dean?

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