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Angie’s review of “Soul Survivor”

Recap: Although Dean wants none of it, Sam works to “cure” his brother. Help comes from an unexpected source when Castiel’s fading grace leaves him vulnerable to attack.

Can I just say that this episode was awesome? And might I add that I love (and will miss) Demon Dean?

Dean (Jensen Ackles) is not sure he wants his humanity restored
Dean (Jensen Ackles) is not sure he wants his humanity restored

Most of this episode revolved around Sam’s attempt to restore Dean’s humanity. Despite also directing this episode, Ackles also delivered an absolutely superb performance. From taunting Sam about his brother’s activities over the past two months to stalking Sam around the bunker with a hammer, Ackles portrayed a simmering undercurrent of menace convincingly and Padalecki sold Sam’s fear. The tenth season has turned the drama and action up to eleven and has more than made up for my issues with the ninth season.

Castiel (Misha Collins) and Hannah (Erica Carroll)Except in the case of Castiel’s story line which has been… (I hate to say it) boring so far. ┬áThe new friendship with Hannah… The fading grace…. I was kind of glad to see Crowley step up and take charge with Cas – even if the reason behind Crowley’s motives remain unclear. I was glad to see Cas involved in Dean’s restoration. Dean will need his angelic BFF more than ever in the coming weeks to get through the remorse that he’s going to feel. Cas, in his way, is probably the best person that Dean has to talk things through with.

Overall, this episode was excellent. Though I’d have loved to have seen more of Demon Dean (I’m not entirely convinced he’s gone. That seemed too easy….) but, what can you do?

Parting thoughts:

  • What’s Crowley’s master plan? And why is Cas such an integral part?
  • Hannah – what do you guys think about her?
  • Who’s the mysterious new Red Head?
  • Is Dean really back, or could he just be pretending?

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