Preview SUPERNATURAL 10.13 “Halt and Catch Fire”

SN1013-0003It’s back to the basics for the brothers this week as we are treated to a good ol’ fashioned SUPERNATURAL ghost hunt, something we haven’t seen for a while. Dean and Sam take on a vengeful spirit who is killing his victims through electronic devices.

The ghost is haunting a group of college students and the scepter is using any available technology to take them out one by one. Love Dean smashing the computer! The Winchester hunters hear about the mysterious case and with three people already dead, Dean and Sam decide to conduct an investigation before a fourth body turns up.

Ali Milner guest stars as Delilah Marian in this episode which will air on Tuesday night, Feb. 10, at 9/8c on the CW Network.

Official Description:

GHOSTLY CONNECTION — A ghost starts killing people through various electronic devices. Dean and Sam discover who was killed and why this ghost is seeking revenge on a group of college students but what they can’t figure out is how he’s doing it. With three dead, the brothers must stop the ghost before he claims his next victim.

John Showalter directed this episode written by Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder

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