Review Person of Interest 4.16 “Blunt”

R&DoOverall the episode was entertaining; certainly not the worse I’ve seen, but just as surely not in the caliber of “Guilty” and really not the best choice for February sweeps. By far the best episode for the sweeps was “Guilty” and the series didn’t capitalize on its popularity by following it with mediocre episodes like “Q & A” and “Blunt.”

Still it had its moments. Loved Reese (Jim Caviezel) at the forefront again and he and Fusco (Kevin Chapman) never cease to make me laugh. Love Fusco calling Reese Mr. Sunshine. LOL He had a new one for Finch (Michael Emerson) too, Mr. Peabody, and so glad to see Fusco backing up Reese now. And how about Finch lifting Harper’s (Annie Ilonzeh) ring! He has picked up way to many of Reese’s tricks. Or many be I should say, he has become a super student to Reese’s teachings. Either way, it benefits both greatly. s04e16_32Funny Reese knew Harper was lifting Finch’s watch and said nothing at the time. Maybe it was a lesson in the making for Finch? At any rate Finch caught on and that’s all that mattered.

I’m assuming we will see more of the street-smart grifter who has a fondness for a ring, the one Finch lifted. No idea why she cares for it, but we are supposed to assume that will bring her back to Reese and Finch in the future, which I’m guessing is going to happen. This whole season seems to be about finding people who will side with team Machine in its final conflict with Samaritan. I don’t know why they are dragging out the inevitable. Just pull the plug on it and get it over with already!R&Fu

Harper is a firecracker! Not sure I liked how comfortable she manipulated both the cartel, Dominic (Winston Duke) and Reese. Yes, she tricked him a couple of times too. It’s hard to believe she got away from Reese like she did. Guess the writers needed to show her abilities for something down the road but wish they had found a better way than demeaning Reese. Love to see new characters introduced but prefer that not be done at the expense of existing ones. And that blow on the back, even I saw that coming. Doubt other fans didn’t as well. That had to hurt. Reese can be just TOO trusting at times, which is not conducive to longevity in his profession. But then, this wasn’t the real Reese…..again. And please writers can we stop labeling Reese as having a hero complex. reese2He doesn’t think he’s a hero, HE IS ONE; and a good part of the time he is the only one who is. That’s why people watch the show!

At least Harper had the smarts to know which side of the bread her butter was on when she finally did accept Reese and Finch’s help. And as she seemed genuinely sorry for involving Trey in her money-making scheme, she obviously has a decent heart under that gruff exterior. After all it was her idea to use herself as bait to free him. Course she had her own agenda too, but she could have just run away and left Trey for Reese to free. She didn’t so point in her favor.

I can also understand why Dominic wants her on his side, but she seems to have too much conscience and intelligence to follow him. She wasn’t born yesterday as the saying goes. harper1Dominic cared nothing about Trey, or anyone for that matter, but Harper did, so I think she will be a good addition to Team Machine should she return to claim her ring.

The face-to-face between Reese and Dominic had been too long in coming. It was acceptable, but the conversation was pretty boring. I definitely was looking for more tension. Thought that might happen again when Dominic brought in his men. We all know Reese was expecting it and I really thought for a minute Reese was going to do his super-fighting technique we all love to watch and blow them all away. But nope, that didn’t happen either, just Fusco as the sniper this time. fuscodominicNot bad but not as exciting as one of Reese’s ‘taking on 10 guys at once’. That would have given Dominic something to think about. Hopefully we will get to see that in the future. And what about Dominic’s questioning Reese about giving Elias (Enrico Colantoni) leeway with illegal activities? Did it seem Dominic was a little jealous of Elias? Really came across to me as one child whining that daddy is playing favorites. That would be totally strange and not at all in line with a sociopath. Course all Dominic had to do was agree to Reese’s compromise, not only with the money for the two lives, but on the killing too and Reese would give Dominic a free pass also. Of course than there wouldn’t be this huge mob war pending between Dominic and Elias. I am looking forward to seeing how Reese will deal with that and hoping it is not as big a letdown as the Dominic/Reese confrontation was.

And last but not least is Root (Amy Acker) bursting on the scene with an idea to build an app to recruit help against Samaritan. rootAt least Root is working on ending Samaritan though not sure if she is working on behalf of the Machine or on her own; either way at least someone is doing something and the sooner Samaritan is gone the better! Don’t know how she or the Machine expects to keep Samaritan from figuring it out. Of course the writers can do anything in the POI universe, but logically Samaritan should see this coming. Was surprised Root seemed a bit miffed at Finch when she first appeared and even more surprised Finch seemed to be upset about it. No reason for either character to be portrayed like that. Course I was also surprised when Finch agreed to Harper’s plan without consulting Reese and even more surprised that Reese went along with it without question. R&FiAfter all Reese was hired because of his skill in dealing with situations just like this and while Finch is has learned a lot, he is no expert. Needless to say, there were a lot of things that didn’t add up in this story.

Anyway back to Root, I do not get how Caleb Phillips (Luke Kleintank) fits into all of this. If you don’t remember, that is a character we first saw in “2 π R” from season 2 (episode 11) and not a real popular one either. At that time, Caleb was a troubled student who just happened to be a mathematical genius. His number came up and as Reese was in jail at the time, Finch had to work the case alone. Now Caleb seems to be the head of a computer company that Root wants to work with, or at least be employed at for whatever reason. Wonder if Root is aware that Finch and Caleb know each other? Of course the Machine does so where that is going is a mystery. Just know they are dragging out Samaritan’s demise for a long time. calebGuess it will end with the season finale which is too bad. They could have recovered a lot of fans but ending Samaritan mid-season and producing many more episodes like “Guilty’ till the end of the season.

Final note, loved seeing Bear chewing on one of Finch’s shoes. That harkens back to Bear and his chew toy is season one whose squeak drove Finch nuts. Yep, the writers are really trying to appease the majority of the fan base by reliving many parts of episodes from season 1, but getting rid of Samaritan would help so much more. Maybe someday, we’ll find out why that kept it around as long as they did, knowing it was a very unpopular storyline.


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