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Angie’s review of “The Devil in the Details”

Devil in the Details pictureThe Hellatus is finally over. The Winchesters are back on the screen. And it’s about bloody time.

As we learn later, the episode begins in Rowena’s dream. Crowley (complete with footy pajamas) excitedly pores over Christmas gifts. He pulls a little figurine from under the tree, exclaiming, “Mom, Mom, I got a Sam!” Rowena’s unimpressed – that is, until Lucifer (dressed as Santa) breaks down the door and impales Crowley with a candy cane. Lucifer has a reason for visiting Rowena’s dream; he needs the witch to help him get Sam into the cage so that he can convince the younger Winchester to let him borrow his meat suit to defeat the Darkness. Rowena’s only too happy to oblige.

When Crowley finds out the plan, he’s not so enthused. He and Dean work together to keep Lucifer from going topside again. Billie, the reaper we met earlier in the season, reappears with a gift for Dean – a Witch Killer, a device that goes around the neck that forces a witch to obey commands. Dean manages to put it on Rowena and forces her to do a spell to lock the cage and send Lucifer packing. Unwillingly she does so, but she tells him if Lucifer can find another vessel before the spell is complete then it won’t work. Dean pays no attention to her warning, something that catches up with Team Free Will in the end.

And that happens in the form of Castiel. After he runs into Amara, she zaps him into Hell where he, Sam, and Dean all fight with Lucifer in the cage. Lucifer grabs Dean by the neck, telling Sam he will kill Dean if Sam doesn’t agree to be his vessel. Castiel rushes Lucifer who drops Dean. They all continue to fight until Lucifer has Castiel cornered. “Any last words?” he teases before they both glow white. We later find out Castiel asked if Lucifer could really defeat the Darkness. When Lucifer says he can, Cas agrees to be his vessel and Lucifer moves in.

The episode ends with Lucifer announcing his return to a horrified Crowley and an excited Rowena. Lucifer/Castiel strokes Rowena’s cheek tenderly and asks her if anyone else can lock the cage. When she assures him she’s the only one, he smiles, then snaps her neck. He then kneels over Crowley and says, “Let’s chat.”

Wow. So much happened in such a short span of time. I sensed Rowena’s fate after seeing the promo for this episode. I just didn’t know how soon it would happen. I enjoyed Ruth Connell’s performance. Since this is Supernatural she may be back, you never know.

I’m glad they opted not to have the “Sam as a vessel” thing drag out over a long period of time. We’ve already covered that ground (and quite well), so I hoped that story line would resolve itself fairly quickly. Though it puts Castiel in danger, I think this was the only logical way to introduce Lucifer back into the series again. And it should be fun seeing Misha take a dark turn. But it does beg the question, will Chuck also return? We know he’s keeping tabs on the Winchesters, so it may not be outside of the realm of possibility.

What will the Winchesters think when they realize what’s happened? How will they save Cas and get rid of Lucifer? I guess we’ll find out.

Parting thoughts:

  • It was nice to see Colin Ford as young Sam again.
  • Lucifer: “You’re betting on Dean?” Sam: “I always have.”
  • Dean’s hilarious outgoing message on Sam’s cell.
  • On the flipside, though, Crowley’s heartbreaking talk with Rowena about why she doesn’t love him.
  • Lucifer: “Ass butt? I still don’t get that.”
  • I loved seeing previous scenes (such as the final showdown between Lucifer and Michael at Stull Cemetery) from other angles.
  • Lucifer telling Sam that he respects him though he doesn’t like Sam because he’s “prissy.”
  • “Nice work, Bieber.”

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