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Angie’s review of “Into the Mystic”

Sam and Dean face the bansheeSam and Dean are drawn to a case involving 65-year-old Harold Miller, a resident of the Oak Park Retirement Home who was found in a locked room with his head bashed in and no sign of a struggle. When a staff member died shortly after in the same inexplicable way, Sam and Dean began to realize that there was something strange happening at Oak Park.

When I sat down to watch this episode, I didn’t expect it to go the way it did. While there was one major thing that I didn’t like, I was pleasantly surprised by it overall.

the bansheeFirst things first, let’s get the negative out of the way and discuss the issue I had with the episode: the look of the banshee. Surely there was something else they could have done to make it look a bit less hokey. Every time it appeared on screen it took me out of the story. Which was too bad, really, as I enjoyed the guest stars in this episode and the way they related to each other and the Winchesters.

Dean makes a new friendDee Wallace (E.T.) and Shoshannah Stern (Weeds, Jericho) were excellent as Retirement Home resident Mildred Baker and Hunter in disguise Eileen Leahy. While Sam struggled with ASL (American Sign Language), Mildred seemed more at ease with it and that led to some hilarious conversations. While it’s unlikely Mildred would return to the series in anything other than a passing comment from Dean, I could see Stern’s character returning in some capacity as a Hunter. They’re going to need every ally they can get when it comes to the final showdown with Amara. And it’s going to take all hands and the cook to get Lucifer back in the cage and out of Castiel’s vessel.

CassiferSpeaking of Castiel/Lucifer (Cassifer? Is there a proper name for this yet?) how awesome was Misha Collins? His imitation of Pellegrino’s Lucifer was pretty decent. I love how he spoke in one voice with the angel he destroyed but dropped into Castiel’s huskier voice when talking with Dean. It won’t take long for the elder Winchester to figure out something is seriously awry with Castiel. He was already giving Cas some strange looks in the small amount of time they were around each other in this episode.

All in all, this was a good episode of the series. I’m looking forward to seeing Dean’s reaction when he finds out what Castiel did in the cage. I’m also dying to know how they’re going to lock Amara back up as well.

Parting thoughts:
• Observant fans may remember Jonathan Potts (Arthur) from his first appearance in the series as Mr. Fremont, a man held hostage in his home by his daughter who was possessed by Lillith (“No Rest for the Wicked.”)
• Shoshannah Stern has ties to at least two other alumni of SPN: she appeared in the television series Jericho along with Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel, The Trickster) and Timothy Omundsen (Cain).
• I hope we see an end to “Guilty Sam” soon. I didn’t like the whole Sam/Amelia “I didn’t look for you while you were in Purgatory” story line before and it’s still not my favorite now. Sam needs to work out this issue and fast.
• Kudos to the writing staff for the Golden Girls references. (Though I would never have pegged Sam having a thing for Sophia.)
• Did anyone else see the banshee and immediately see a similarity between it and one of the Merpeople from Harry Potter?
• What is this hold Amara has over Dean? When she’s finally locked back up again, what will that mean for him? Will the “bond” between them end up hurting him? Or will he be able to exploit their connection and find out a weakness to use against her?
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