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Angie’s review of ‘Supernatural: Love Hurts’

Sam and Dean Love HurtsIn this week’s episode of Supernatural, Sam and Dean travel to Hudson, Ohio to investigate a pair of suspicious deaths. When two people have their hearts ripped out of their bodies, the brothers race to track down the culprit.  Will Sam and Dean be able to find the person responsible in time to keep them from killing again?

I have to say, this week’s episode of Supernatural was not one of my favorites.

Dean and Amara Love Hurts There seemed to be no real forward movement in this one.  Yes, we did finally see Dean come clean to his brother about his feelings regarding Amara.  And Sam, surprisingly, didn’t overreact; instead saying he would take care of what needed to be done when the it became necessary to do it. But, other than that, there really wasn’t all that much to this outing. It was a very lackluster episode for this point in the season. And, honestly, there wasn’t much to really critique on this one – which goes to show how uneventful the episode was.

Parting thoughts:

  • Finally, Dean came clean to his brother about the feelings he has when he’s around Amara. And how refreshing was it to have Sam nod and say he understood? I was afraid there would be a blow up and Sam would storm out, vowing that he needed to have time away from his brother. Glad I was wrong on that count.
  • Dean finally won at a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors!
  • The mental image of Sam in a Snuggie made me chuckle.
  • “You need a shower.” “You’re not wrong.”
  • Dean thought that his deepest, darkest desire was Daisy Duke? (Bach or Simpson, he was equal opportunity.)

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