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Angie’s review of ‘Supernatural: We Happy Few’

Sam and Dean have come up with a way to defeat Amara, but the plan hinges on a lot of different factions coming together as one. With the power of God on their side the Winchesters can’t lose…. or can they?

God and LuciferFirst things first, the brothers decide to negotiate a truce between Lucifer and God. Lucifer demands an apology from his father, but God isn’t budging. It’s not until God and Lucifer are left to themselves to talk that God admits he made a mistake with Lucifer and that he hated himself for allowing it to happen. Both Rob and Misha were excellent in this scene and it was nice for them to get some screen time opposite each other. While it was partially played for laughs, the two did convey the intense emotions each of the characters felt.  It will be nice to have Castiel back, but I will admit, losing snarky, sarcastic Lucifer will be tough.

Don’t even get me started on the possibility of losing Chuck again.

Dean and CrowleyWith Lucifer and God squared away, the brothers set their sights on the next goal: getting the Witches, Demons, and Angels to unite against their common enemy. Sam took on the task of recruiting Rowena and her coven, Lucifer (with a bit of help from Cas) took on the Angels, and Dean took on Crowley. I absolutely loved how the cast all played against each other. From Rowena’s threats to make Sam a real moose to Crowley declaring the ship had sailed on his bromance with Dean to Rowena’s withering “Hello, Fergus“, everything worked. Crew from behindHaving all of the cast assembled at one time, together?  I can only imagine what went on behind the scenes. If you’ve not had the opportunity to go to a convention, check out some of the videos fans have posted on Youtube.  You’ll have a pretty clear idea of what must have happened on set those days.

Chuck and AmaraIn true Winchester style, though, things didn’t go according to plan. While the team seemed to have Amara down for the count she managed to rally and attack Chuck leaving him in a pretty bad state. Will he be able to shake it off in time to help the Winchesters or will they be left to their own devices to put Amara back in the cage? What was with Rowena at episode’s end? And where is Crowley? We’ll find out in the season finale.

Parting thoughts:

  • Amara attacked Donatello and removed his soul. Why didn’t the Winchesters ward him or do some sort of protective spell until the battle was fought? Was this the end of Donatello?
  • I loved the “Lucifer sulking” scenes. “Worst episode of ‘Full House.’ Ever.”
  • If Crowley’s demons didn’t respect him, how did he convince the demons to fight against Amara?
  • It’s been apparent all along that Dean was going to have to be the one to face Amara. He’s her one weakness.
  • Once the Mark was transferred from Amara to Sam, who was going to take it next? Was Sam going to be stuck with the Mark?
  • Poor Clea and coven. You’d think they’d have set up protection spells, but maybe those would not have been enough against Amara.
  • Just as Jared was able to convey different variations of Sam, Lucifer, and Gadreel, it’s easy to see who’s at the wheel when Misha arrives on screen as well. He’s done a fine job of creating a new look for Lucifer vs. Castiel as evidenced when Cas helped out in Heaven.
  • I loved the effect when Amara removed Lucifer from Cas’ vessel. How awesome was it to see Lucifer as Mark Pellegrino?
  • Gabriel is alive. God should have known that – unless Gabriel’s warded himself against the family again. I wish Richard Speight, Jr. could have returned in this episode.

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