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Angie Reviews “Everyone Hates Hitler”

Recap: This week’s episode, “Everyone Hates Hitler,” takes the boys to the town of Wilkes-Barre, PA where they investigate a case of spontaneous human combustion. To make matters worse they find Nazi Necromancers and a temperamental Golem.

Rabbi Isaac Bass: Hal Linden (“Barney Miller”)
Golem: John DeSantis (“Smallville”)
Aaron: Adam Rose (“Veronica Mars”)

Wow, what an episode for my first review!

I wasn’t sure that I’d like this episode, truthfully, when I first read the synopsis. I’m not a fan of storylines that include the use of Nazis as I feel it has been done too many times and in too many ways. There’s no way to sympathize with them; their only purpose is to spread evil. They’re entirely one-dimensional villains.

In that respect, that part of the story didn’t work for me. Even a demon like Crowley has something about him that makes him more palatable. You’re not sure if Crowley will double-cross the boys in some way, but you know he’ll bring a bit of mischief and expose another layer of the onion, if you will. He’s a dynamic character and that’s something “Supernatural” is known for – well, fleshed out characters that, even in the span of one episode, can elicit a strong reaction with the fans.

Golem is one such character. John DeSantis did an absolutely fabulous job of bringing a character to life on screen that could have been utterly forgettable. This is an impressive feat as Golem was not particularly expressive nor did he have a lot of dialogue. DeSantis used what he was given to the best of his ability and definitely made an impact on the screen.

A large part of that success stems from the successful casting of the character of Aaron. Adam Rose brought a lot of understated emotion to the character. His reactions were genuine and you could see the sadness that lurked behind his eyes with the knowledge that he had failed his grandfather by not taking his heritage seriously which put others in danger, including Golem. In the final standoff with Eckhart he was able to “take charge” of the situation and do what needed to be done, accepting his role in the Judah Initiative and growing up to face the man he needed to become.

Sam has begun, recently, to do the same. He finally realized, at the end of “As Time Goes By” that he plays a greater part in the fight against evil than he ever knew. He has a responsibility greater than that to self that he must perform. His legacy is from a long line of Hunters and Men of Letters.

The Men of Letters storyline seems both a gift and a curse to me. It’s a gift in that the boys finally have a place to regroup when things get hairy. It has everything they could possibly need to take on Evil. They finally got a break.

Yet, it may also be a curse. Part of what interests me in the series is seeing how creative Sam and Dean can be in their search to find out information about demons and evil as well as think of ways to defeat it. This introduced us to wonderful characters like Bobby Singer, Rufus, and Garth. The Men of Letters headquarters just seems too easy; it almost seems as if the writers are giving the boys a key to a kingdom with a wealth of knowledge that will make relying on and interacting with fellow Hunters almost unnecessary.

That being said I fully intend to go into the remainder of the season with an open mind. “Supernatural” never takes the easy way out. That’s one thing I love about this series. I look forward to seeing the Men of Letters storyline play out and am interested in seeing how it will play into seasons 9 and 10, should the series get picked up.