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Summer of the Robot

James Marsters
The Bloody Awesome Singer

James Marsters is known largely for his role in the Buffy universe as Spike or William the Bloody. He was an integral part of the show for 5 out of the 7 seasons it was on air, and remains a large part in the comics that have continued the series. He has even recently written a comic solely for his character Spike, detailing how he would have handled being saddled with a soul. But while James is mostly known for this role, he has had a full career outside of the Whedonverse as well. He has had significant roles on shows such as Smallville, Torchwood, Warehouse 13, and has played small but well received roles on shows like Supernatural. James has also had several parts in big screen hits, and admittedly a few big screen flops as well, but his fan base remains loyal nevertheless.

One thing about James that often gets over looked in the main stream is his musical career. Buffy fans got a sneak peak of his talents during ‘Once More, With Feeling’ the musical episode in season 6. But many people are still unaware of the extent of his musical prowess.

Ghost of the Robot

James has been a part of the successful California based band ‘Ghost of the Robot’ since its inception in the early 2000’s. James, along with Charlie De Mars and James’ son, Sullivan Marsters all balance vocals and guitar, with James as the lead singer up until very recently. Jordan Lathem kills it on the drums and currently Eddie Underwood is lead bass. In the past they have also worked with Kevin McPherson who has split his time with ‘Atlas Genius’ and more recently Lana Del Ray as well.

As a James Marsters fan, I was instantly into the band, for the simple fact that at one time I believed the man could do no wrong. But as I got older, and out of that “He’s Spike so he’s perfect” phase (well, almost out of it), I began to appreciate the band and the music for what it is. James is the front man for the band, but he is far from being the only talent behind it. I have had the pleasure of seeing the band play live twice now, both times in Philadelphia, and both times I was blown away by how amazing the chemistry between the guys played out on stage. They are all so talented and work so seamlessly together and put on a great show.

New Album Release

Ghost of the Robot has had a few studio releases beginning with ‘Mad Brilliant’ in 2003, and I can honestly say that album will always be my favorite. After a hiatus they released B-Sider in 2011 and Murphy’s Law came out that same year. So it’s been almost 3 years since a studio release from these guys and it’s high time for some great new material. Charlie is very secretive about unreleased music however, so we haven’t had any tastes of what’s to come, but what we do know is that their new single ‘Hello’ off of
their upcoming album will be hitting iTunes on July 4th. That’s this Friday, and I couldn’t be more excited.

2014 Summer Tour

This single is released just in time for their upcoming European tour, which takes off on July 7th in Berlin.

It was announced on June 17th that James had been cast on a new show (read my article ‘A Few New Witches in East End’ for more information) and would not be attending the band’s Philadelphia show or accompanying them on the European tour.

James has expressed his regret that he cannot tour with the band, but as he has said many times before, the band was never meant to have just one singer. The ideal for them is to have several singers switching off. Due to this change of plans the band had to make a few adjustments and Sullivan will be taking on a larger singing role in place of his father. This is apparently something that the band has been trying to get Sullivan to do for years, but he was reluctant until this album.

More Info About the Band

Ghost of the Robot (mostly Charlie) is very active on social media and are pretty amusing. Check the guys out on:

Twitter @GhostoftheRobot
Facebook at The Official Ghost of the Robot
Instagram @ghostoftherobot
Tumblr on The Roblog
& last but not least, their website: GotR Music

And don’t forget to check out their new single on iTunes this 4th of July.

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