The Return of the Sidekicks

With only one day to the return of Supernatural after yet another hiatus, my mind is wandering to what may come in the latter half of the seventh season. During the beginning of this season, the Winchester brothers lost the two people who were able to help them battle the numerous monsters in their lives. I’m not entirely sure of Castiel’s fate after he was overtaken by leviathans and disappeared into the lake. Many fans assume that he died, but I’m not so sure. Castiel’s disappearance was followed closely by Bobby’s tragic death. The boys have never been more alone.

We know for certain that Misha Collins will be returning to the Supernatural set for at least three episodes. There is speculation as to what his return means. I’m not entirely sure myself. There are a few ways that I’m thinking Misha will be returning.

1. He could be returning as Castiel himself. God has brought him back before; maybe he’ll do it again.

2. I suppose God could bring back Jimmy Novak instead of Castiel. I mean, Jimmy did give up his body so that Castiel could have it. I suppose divine intervention isn’t unheard of.

3. They never allude to how he’s coming back, so maybe Castiel is not really back. They could bring him back in the form of flashbacks or hallucinations.

4. As much as I don’t want to admit it, he could also come back the way he left… full of leviathans and nothing to do with Castiel.

After doing some research, I’ve found that these are the most common theories for Misha’s return to Supernatural .

It has also been confirmed that Jim Beaver will return to Supernatural as well. Robert Singer told Zap2It that Jim Beaver will return in one way or another. As with Misha’s return, Bobby could return as himself or he could appear as a flashback or hallucination. My only other thought is that he could return as ghost. We never found out if he went with the reaper or stayed around. And with Dean’s beer disappearing, I’m hoping Bobby’s still around… even if he is a ghost.

All in all, I’m thinking the last half of the seventh season should be interesting as well as outrageously crazy. Personally, I’m glad that Misha and Jim are returning to the set. It’s hard to imagine the show without them. I hope that they get to stick around or at least have some sort of reoccurring role on the show.

What are your thoughts on the returns of Misha and Jim?

Sera Gamble also said that they have high hopes that the show will be renewed for an eighth season so they will be ending the seventh season with a cliffhanger. What do you think of this?

Written: February 2, 2012

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