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‘Resurrection: Torn Apart’

Lucille, Henry, Jacob, and BellamyThe season finale of “Resurrection” aired Sunday, May 4th and, boy, were there some interesting turn of events! The town got turned upside down in this episode, thanks to the actions of Bellamy (Omar Epps) and Sheriff Langston (Matt Craven.)

Bellamy receives some upsetting newsYou can’t fault Bellamy, though. He tried to do the best that he could for the Returned. Because of the sheer number of Returned filing back into Arcadia, he knew he, alone, couldn’t contain the town’s secret for much longer. Reluctantly he contacted his boss, Willis (Tamlyn Tomita) for help. She did send in government forces, but at least she had the presence of mind to keep them in the dark – and they were providing much needed supplies to the people. Everything was going well until Sheriff Langston stepped in.

FredFueled by jealousy over the fact that his recently Returned wife Barbara (April Billingsly) chose to go to her lover Samuel (Ned Bellamy) rather than return to him, Fred went to Colonel Stone (Mike Pniewski) and spilled the beans. The decision would be disasterous, as Fred finally figured out, and may have cost the man everything he held dear. As one of the Returned held at gunpoint in the gym, Barbara knew Fred was responsible for the situation. His own daughter, Maggie (Devin Kelley,) was led off in restraints for refusing to hand over a list containing information about the identities of the Returned. And his brother, Henry (Kurtwood Smith,) lost all respect for him since his actions put Jacob (Landon Gimenez) into danger. Luckily for Jacob, though, Bellamy realized something wasn’t quite right and convinced the Langstons not to enter the gym.

JacobBut Jacob was still in danger. To keep him safe, Henry and Lucille (Frances Fisher) had to make the painful decision to send Jacob away. He and Bellamy struck out on the open road in an attempt to escape the fate awaiting the rest of the Returned. But all of that was for naught, or so we were lead to believe, when two dark SUV’s and a helicopter converged upon them.

Overall, this was a satisfying end to an above average season. I was impressed by the series’ freshman season and hope ABC decides to take a chance and renew the series. (Given the publicity I’ve seen about the series, I feel it’s likely it will be renewed.) There are still so many secrets to explore and questions left to answer that a second season would not be unwarranted. Hopefully audiences will know the series’ fate soon enough.

Parting thoughts on the season:

  • Was Barbara the first to Return or was Jacob?
  • What will happened to the Returned in the gym?
  • Why are the Returned suddenly appearing en masse in Arcadia?
  • Where is Caleb?
  • Why did Rachel come back again? Is it significant that she is still pregnant?
  • Will Bellamy ever be told of his tie to the Returned?
  • Will they ever explain why and who the Returned rose from the grave?
  • Were the 2 SUV and helicopter there to help or hurt Jacob and Bellamy?
  • What was the significance of the swarm of bugs on the road out of town?