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Angie’s review of “Resurrection”

Jacob and BellamyThe second season of “Resurrection” has begun on ABC and it’s quite a departure from the first. Picking up only a week after the events of the first season finale, this season looks to be a big one for Bellamy (Omar Epps.)

Bellamy in detention centerAfter the government ambushed him during his attempt to drive Jacob (Landon Gimenez) to safety, Bellamy was taken to what appeared to be a detention facility while Jacob was returned to his parents. Bellamy was initially unable to remember anything that happened during that time, but eventually came to the shocking realization that he was one of the Returned, a fact he’s struggling to reconcile. On top of that he has a new superior who seems to be very interested in the events happening in Arcadia – and a tight hold on the leash she has on Bellamy.

Michelle FairleySpeaking of struggling, the Langston family have their hands full this season, too. Family matriarch Margaret Langston (Michelle Fairley, “Game of Thrones”) has returned to Arcadia – and she has brought the drama with her. While she and Jacob seem to have a good relationship, her actions are affecting the boy, but not in a good way. She’s combative with other family members and appears to have many secrets – not the least of which are the skeletons buried in the family’s factory.

Overall, I’m not feeling this season as much as the first. Fairley, while she does have an impressive resume, just seems to be an odd fit for the series so far. The story lines don’t seem as interesting this season and the introduction of new characters seems a bit stilted as well. Perhaps this will work itself out over the course of the season, though.

So what do you guys think of the second season this far? What do you think is going on in Arcadia?

Photos courtesy of ABC.