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Angie’s review of “Supernatural: All in the Family”

Casifer and AmaraStill reeling from the revelation that God’s back on Earth (and has been for a very long time), Sam and Dean hatch a plan to rescue Castiel from Amara’s grasp. Although they hope for a bit of divine intervention, they soon realize that God has his own agenda.

Sam and DonatelloI loved this episode! From the surprise guest star to the newly minted prophet, this episode is easily one of the best of season eleven.  There were so many new revelations and character growth packed into this one hour of TV.

DeanDean has made great strides this season. He really laid it on the line with God – sorry, Chuck. Dean’s been holding things in for so long that it’s as if a dam has broken inside of him. He’s holding true to his promise to be open with Sam , no matter how hard it may be for him to do it.  Though it does cause drama to pit the brothers against each other, it’s overdone. I’d forgotten what it felt like for the boys to really talk and work together. I’m hoping this new trend continues for a while – if they can just get Castiel on board with that once he’s expelled Lucifer. Having all of them work together with no secrets… it’s almost too difficult to imagine. Almost as hard to imagine as Metatron’s sacrifice.

MetatronI never imagined Metatron would ever make an impassioned case for the goodness of Humanity let alone sort of redeem himself, but, in the span of two episodes, he managed to do it. You could argue that he believed he could defeat Amara with the sigil, but, deep down, he had to have known he wouldn’t have the juice to go against her. It’s a testament to Curtis Armstrong that he could take a character that’s pretty much the most despised character in the history of Supernatural and manage to have you start to care for him. We’ve never seen a character exit the series in that way, so it’s hard to say if he’ll be back. It is Supernatural, though – and he did save Sam and Donatello’s life. (The new prophet, not the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.) Maybe that will earn him a bit of mercy despite all of the crummy things that he did.

Overall, this was a fantastic episode. The stage is set for the final showdown. Will Chuck have a change of heart or will Amara have her way?

Parting thoughts:

  • Chuck made a comment to Dean that he’s not like John. That got Dean’s attention.
  • Sam “fangirling” over God. Loved it.
  • The Introduction of the new prophet was a bit clunky. I’m so used to seeing Keith Szarabajka playing evil characters it’s going to take some time to imagine him as a good guy.
  • So good to see Osric Chau back on the screen as Kevin Tran – even if it was all too brief. Couldn’t Chuck have restored him as a human instead of making him an angel? We need our Kevin (and Mama Tran) back on the series!
  • Lucifer and Chuck’s reactions to each other. So much tension. This is bound to get interesting.
  • Though they try, Amara’s still not that terrifying of a big bad to me. Emily Swallow does a great job with the character. Amara’s just not that menacing to me. Maybe that will change after the finale.

All photos provided courtesy of the CW Network.