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PERSON OF INTEREST Episode 3.15 “Last Call”


As this is the first article I am posting about one of my most favorite shows, I thought I would start with a brief synopsis about the show itself.

The CBS drama PERSON OF INTEREST tells the story of “the machine,” a total surveillance system designed primarily to detect acts of terrorism. Its creator, Harold Finch (Michael Emerson), an eccentric, and very private billionaire hacker extraordinaire, discovered that the machine could predict all manner of events, including murder, but the government considered these non-terrorism crimes irrelevant. Finch’s business partner and friend of many years, Nathan Ingram (Brett Cullen), didn’t however;  and built a ‘backdoor’ into the machine to retrieve these numbers and assist these ‘persons of interest’ before violence could befall them….. without the knowledge of Finch initially, who was, as it turns out, dead set against it.

However, when Nathan was killed helping irrelevant numbers, Finch realized his mistake, picked up where Nathan left off, hired his gorgeous, bad ass-kicking ex-CIA partner in crime-fighting, John Reese (Jim Caviezel), and together the two have become a Batman and Robin on the streets of New York City.  Along the way of they have picked up a following of exceptional personalities, some lost to their true nature for a while, brought out their attributes and have honed them into the best crime fighting team TV has seen in a long time. And these exceptional characters wouldn’t be exceptional without the exceptional acting abilities of the exceptional cast!  Lots of ‘exceptionals’ in there but they are well deserved!  And I swear, Jim Caviezel was BORN to play Mr. Reese!

I became interested in the series during its second season and couldn’t believe how I could have not known of it’s existence for so long.  The interacting of Reese and Finch is what has made the show so popular among a very large audience.  Despite their huge differences in background, physical and mental focuses; it is remarkable how similar the two are. Through their parallel ideology, motives, morals, sacrifices and compassion for humanity, they have not only managed to forge a fast friendship where either would gladly give their life for the other, they have developed a strong trusting partnership which culminates in a strong success in preventing harm and even death, to the ‘irrelevant’ numbers they are given.

This show fits in well with what society likes to see during hard economic times. A “family” of people who care and look after not only each other but total strangers as well….and care deeply when one of their own is lost.  It shows that ‘blood’ is not always thicker than water in matters of the heart. And it has a strong uplifting quality that many are looking for these days.   It provides both humorous and dramatic aspects that are molded so well together in the writing.

I am thrilled to be able to blog more fully on the series on this new site and hope you join me weekly for talks and discussions about each episode.  I will endeavor to have a preview and review up of each remaining episode as soon as possible and hope you all join me in a resounding vocal discussion.  I love nothing better that talking PERSON OF INTEREST to who ever will listen.   🙂

This week’s episode 3.15 “Last Call” is the first in two weeks. Reese, Finch, Fusco (Kevin Chapman)  and Shaw (Sarah Shahi) unite to help their new number.  Poor Finch! It is never easy when he has to go undercover, but undercover he goes, deep in the 911 system to protect an operator but it soon becomes apparent that the threat reaches much further than the team originally anticipated.

And if the clips are any indication, we should get to see Mr. Reese in his bad-ass kicking mode with bad guys tumbling through windows in a barroom brawl that he seems to be looking forward to!  After all he has to get his daily work out in!  Might as well take it out on the bad guys!  Hehehe  For me, those are my favorite scenes to see.  And in case you are wondering what my favorite episode this season is so far, it HAS to be “4C.”  Don’t see how they can top that one this season.  🙂

Enjoy the trailers, previews, episode stills and a short Comic Strip Panel of some fun Reese and Shaw have with Finch over a 911 call.  As I said, this show knows how to blend its humor and drama expertly!  Watch PERSON OF INTEREST Tuesday, Feb. 25 10 ET/PT and 9 CT on your local CBS Television station.


Official Synopsis:

Finch goes undercover in an emergency call center to protect a 911 operator, but it soon becomes clear that the threat reaches further than the team could have anticipated.

Written by: Dan Dietz

Directed by:  Jeff T. Thomas


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