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Guest Star of the Week: Samantha Smith

Samantha SmithSamantha Smith is an accomplished American actress, born on the 4th of November 1969 in California. Type in her name on Google and the first results will probably lead you directly to Supernatural, where she has played her most well known role since the show began, Mary Winchester. She is not without other accomplishments though, as she has had minor roles in many other TV shows and movies, most recently ‘NCIS:Los Angeles’.

Her first noted role was Hallie in one episode of ‘Seinfeld’ Samantha Smith as Halliein 1996. Since then she has starred in several TV shows, ‘Wings’, ‘Cold Feet’, and ‘Friends’, to name a few. She even had a small role in hit film Jerry Maguire.

Perhaps her first short recurring role was of Nancy Carlson in ‘Two Of A Kind’ alongside the Olsen twins. The show aired from September 1998 until the July of 1999, and Samantha Smith is credited to have appeared in at least five of the 22 episodes.

Mary WinchesterSupernatural is the prominent show however, and Samantha is noted to be a recurring character, even if she does not appear in every episode. Playing Sam and Dean’s mother is a special role, one that not only gives her the pleasure of being loved by the Winchesters, but also allows her to become fan favourite in the real world outside of the show.

Mary Winchester has appeared countless times on the show, and because Supernatural is so flexible – and well, supernatural – Samantha Smith can hope to return often even though her character hasn’t been alive for the whole series. Her character is important to the show, and has been manipulated in ways only Supernatural writers can think of, even brieflyEve being one of the faces of the Mother of All, Eve, just to screw with the Winchesters. It is a reflection of Samantha Smith’s acting that we feel exactly what the boys feel when they see her, and she will always be a big part of the show, no doubt returning in the future.