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10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Star-Crossed

10. You’ve probably seen the cast members in a different series. Matt Lanter was Liam Court on 90210. Aimee Teegarden was Julie Taylor on Friday Night Lights and also guest starred on 90210 as Rhonda Kimball. Malese Jow played Anna on The Vampire Diaries and Lucy Stone on Big Time Rush. Titus Makin, Jr. was Warbler David on Glee. Grey Damon was Lee LaBeque on The Secret Circle and Archie Yates on Twisted. Greg Finley was Jack Pappas on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Natalie Hall was Kate Rendall on Pretty Little Liars and, more recently, Britney on Drop Dead Diva. Jesse Luken plays Jimmy Tolan in Justified. I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the point. The cast rocks and have all been in other great shows!

Julie Taylor Friday Night Lights

9. It’s got tons of eye candy. Whether you’re attracted to males or females, The CW seems to do an amazing job at filling their casts with incredibly good-looking actors and actresses. Personally, I believe Matt Lanter is the epitome of gorgeous and that his wife is a very lucky lady.

Matt Lanter

8. The Shakespeare connection. The series tells of the Romeo-and-Juliet-esque relationship between Roman and Emery. Star-crossed lovers who aren’t supposed to be together because of situations out of their control. In the Google Hangout clip posted at the end of this article, you will hear them discuss who they feel are Mercutio and Tybalt. They say that Mercutio, Romeo’s (or Roman’s, in this case) best friend, would be Drake… and they’re leaning towards Eric being Tybalt. Also, each episode title of the series is a quote from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. How cool!

Violet Delights Have Violent Ends

7. Sondiv.  David J. Peterson, the genius behind the Dothraki and Valyrian languages in Game of Thrones, created the Atrian language Sondiv. Being that I love different languages, it’s very interesting to hear and learn more about Sondiv.

Sondiv 101 Love

6. It has a deeper meaning. More than just a teen romance and science fiction show, Star-Crossed delves into some diverse topics. It has a huge Brown v. Board of Education feel with integration of the Atrians into human schools and the Atrians’ segregation in the sector which is much like an interment camp. It also covers racism and has a political tone when it deals with questions regarding authority and power.

Star Crossed

5. It’s packed full of action. The series begins with a war between humans and aliens after the Atrian ship crashes into Earth. There are tons of battles between the extremist groups of both races; the human Red Hawks and the Atrian Trags. There’s even human-on-human and Atrian-on-Atrian violence. The action in this series leaves me on the edge of my seat in most episodes.

Star-Crossed Ship

4. The love triangles. This wouldn’t be a CW series without the love triangles. The most central love triangle is that between Roman, Emery, and Grayson. I also pick up a smaller love triangle in that of Lukas, Sophia, and Taylor… The love triangles keep the romantic viewers happy… I’m included in that category.

Roman and EmeryGrayson and Emery3. It’s science fiction. I love science fiction and I know a bunch of other television watchers enjoy science fiction. Star-Crossed has a different feel because it’s not vampires or werewolves or the many other species that have been promoted in recent years… It’s about aliens who are much like humans which makes it very interesting. The Atrians have also never existed before in film so it’s fascinating to learn of this entirely new race. It also takes place in the year 2024 so there are some futuristic elements to the series.

Sophia (Brina Palencia)

2. William Shatner watches it. And anything Shatner does, you should do… Seriously… Even many of the cast members of Star-Crossed fangirled when Shatner posted this:

Haha! Also, check out this article entitled “Even William Shatner can’t get enough ‘Star-Crossed’

1. The cast is utterly amazing. First, they’re all wonderful actors and actresses. Second, they communicate with us fans. I find it so incredible that they do this. Personally, I have received retweets, mentions, favorites, or responses from Matt Lanter, Aimee Teegarden, Brina Palencia, Chelsea Gilligan, Malese Jow, Greg Finley, Titus Makin Jr., Jesse Luken, Johnathon Schaech, Deena Dill, and Tom Hillmann. I think the only people who have not responded are Grey Damon and Victoria Platt… and I don’t hold that against them.

Reply from Jesse Luken:


RT/Mentioned by Matt Lanter:

Google Hangout:

Do any fellow Star-Crossed fans feel like I left anything out? Please leave me a comment and let me know. I’m interested in knowing why you watch this amazing series.

Thanks for reading!

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