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Review: Star-Crossed “To Seek a Foe”

For all of us Romery (Roman and Emery) shippers, last night’s episode was one of epic proportions. It was action-packed and full of romantic scenes; not only Romery scenes but Jeric (Julia and Eric) and Draylor (Drake and Taylor) ones too. I’m going to try to do this review a little differently and discuss things by topic and not necessarily in the order they happened.

In one of the first scenes of the episode, Zoe puts a piece of black cipher in the door jamb of Taylor’s car. When Taylor struggles to get to her car, Lukas helps and inhales some of the cipher. He immediately collapses and is taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Emery and Sophia go to the hospital to check on Lukas. After Emery hugs Lukas’s mom, she starts to introduce Sophia, but his mom interrupts and says, “Sophia! Lukas talks about you all the time. I’m so glad you’re here.” Awww… Lukas talks about Sophia. Anyway, the doctor walks up and says that Lukas’s lungs are badly burned and, if they can’t get the swelling down, he won’t be able to breathe on his own.

Before Lukas is taken to the hospital, Emery notices the cipher leaf and takes it to Roman. Roman and Drake go to Castor to figure out what to do about the black cipher.  The only cure is freshly cut black cipher mixed into Atrian blood. Castor tells Roman that the cipher will release its spores that day and the only way to destroy it is to detonate a bomb that he gives to Roman. Drake leads Roman to where he and Zoe buried Beaumont’s body, but it’s not there. When they return to the hospital, Emery finds out that normal cipher cannot cure Lukas and she says she’s going to go find the black cipher. Roman goes with her. Drake calls them after breaking into Zoe’s house, and being shot in the shoulder by an arrow, and lets Emery know that he found photos of a Trag hideout in the woods. Emery knows where it is and leads the way. When they find the cabin, Zoe is there and is ready for a battle. Roman tells Emery to set the charge while he fights Zoe. Drake shows up and takes over distracting Zoe while Roman goes to help Emery. She is in the cabin where the cipher is growing. She takes a leaf from the plant, puts it in a tube, and activates the bomb. As she’s doing this, the black cipher starts releasing its spores. Roman grabs Emery, tells her to hold her breath, and jumps into the water with her.

They return to the hospital and Emery talks Lukas’s mom into leaving his room. Roman sneaks in so he can save Lukas. Sophia comes in and says Roman is not the only one with human friends. She wants to save Lukas. Roman helps Sophia and Sophia is the first face Lukas sees when he awakens.

Now what about Miss Benton acting all shady? She shows up at the Mud Bug and as she leaves, she takes Emery and Julia’s coffee mugs. She has a scientist checking their DNA because they’ve both made full recoveries from life-threatening illnesses. She tells him that once they know if one was cured by cipher, they’ll proceed, but not a moment before. Proceed with what? At the end of the episode, the scientist tells Miss Benton that the results are conclusive and Julia has cipher in her DNA. I wonder what they’re going to do with this information…

So, let’s talk about the romances, shall we? I’m going to start with Jeric. First, I love Julia. She is definitely one of my favorite characters on the series, and, while he’s been a bit of a jerk so far, I’ve always liked Eric. I loved when Eric said he was failing trig and Julia offered to tutor him. While Lukas is in the hospital, Eric stays outside and works on Bruce, Julia’s beater of a car because he doesn’t like hospitals. He tells Julia she can repay him for his work by tutoring him. Eric shows his nice-guy side by giving Julia food that he got for Lukas’s family. Later he ventures into the hospital for his trigonometry lesson with Julia. He asks if she’s okay with tutoring him since Lukas is in the hospital. She says that it’s actually a good thing because it’s taking her mind off of the situation. Nothing of great romance between them happens in the episode, but I sense some sparks between them.

Moving on to Draylor… When Taylor finds out that nothing happened between Drake and Zoe after Grayson’s party, she confesses that she’s worried about Zoe because she hasn’t returned Taylor’s calls and she always calls back right away. Taylor gets upset with Drake when he offers to check on Zoe. Drake informs her that Zoe is the last person on the planet he wants to be with and he prefers blondes anyway. Taylor gives him Zoe’s address and Drake kisses her on the cheek and leaves. Later on, Drake tells Taylor that he found Zoe and that her family had some major money problems. He says Zoe’s family got evicted from their home and they are moving north to stay with family. Taylor seems hurt that Zoe didn’t trust her enough to tell her about her home life. Drake tells her that it isn’t that Zoe didn’t trust Taylor, it’s that she was embarrassed and didn’t want Taylor to feel sorry for her. Drake then tells her that Zoe says goodbye and that Taylor is the best friend she’s ever had. Cue the awws because we all know that Zoe was caught in the blast at the cabin.

Finally, Romery… The episode begins with Emery remembering Roman’s sweet words, “Do you think it doesn’t kill me every time I have to walk away from you? I would give you everything… just not now.” When she meets up with Julia, Julia tells her that she can’t stay with Grayson out of guilt, but Emery says she needs to be there for him because he was there for her. When Roman and Emery are looking for the black cipher, she asks him to tell her everything that’s going on. He does and says he just wants to protect her. She says she needed to hear everything and she was glad to know why he kept pushing her away. When Emery’s phone rings and Grayson is calling her, Roman asks how he’s doing. Emery says his parents let him down and he doesn’t have anyone else. Roman says, “That’s not true. He has you.” When the bomb goes off, Roman and Emery are underwater. Since Roman can breathe underwater and she can’t, he puts his mouth to hers to breathe for her. Does this count as the first Romery kiss? I think so! Though, we don’t have to wait long for their second kiss. Once they climb out of the lake and realize they are both okay, they share a very passionate kiss… or two… or three. At the end of the night, Roman tells Emery that he’s not going to hold her to what happened at the lake because he realizes it was in the heat of the moment. Emery says she’s holding Roman to it though. When Roman asks about Grayson, Emery says she thought she couldn’t break up with him, but she can’t keep lying to him because of the way she feels when she’s with Roman… and they kiss… again… and it’s amazing… again.

I gotta say Grayson had a rough episode. With his mom in jail and Emery looking for the black cipher, he was pretty much alone. He visited his mother in jail and is mad because his parents swore they weren’t involved in anything violent. She tells him that there’s something he needs to know about Emery… she’s the one who told the reporter about the Red Hawk meeting and she’s using Grayson to get information for the Atrians. He gets mad, says Emery is the only person he trusts, and storms out. While standing in the shadows, he hears  Roman and Emery’s discussion at the end of the episode. I wonder what this means for Grayson???

The episode ends with Roman telling Castor that they couldn’t have saved Lukas or destroyed the black cipher without him. Castor says he is glad that he finally earned Roman’s trust. When Roman walks away, Castor goes to a closet that is full of bombs like the one he gave Roman to blow up the black cipher. Just when I think Castor can be trusted, he does something shady. I really hope he isn’t a bad guy…

This has been my favorite episode of Star-Crossed to date. I had a hard time writing this review because it was so action packed and I didn’t want to leave anything out! What did you think of this episode?

I want to end this review with a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr. Matt Lanter (Roman). I hope your day was amazing!

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Photos from this episode, courtesy of Star-Crossed’s official Facebook page:

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