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Star-Crossed Review: Pilot

Welcome to my very first EVER review of a television show. I’m surprised that it’s taken me this long to venture into the world of writing reviews as I aspire to be a novelist and I love television. That’s enough about me though, let’s get to the review. A lot happens in the series premiere of the show. Let’s break it down a bit, shall we…

Young Emery and RomanFirst, there’s the relationship between Roman, an alien from a planet named Atria, and Emery, a human girl who has missed four years of school due to an immune deficiency. They meet at six years of age when the ship Roman and his fellow Atrians are in crash into Earth. When a war arises between the humans, who think an invasion is happening, and the Atrians, who were fleeing their dying planet, Roman runs and hides in Emery’s shed. She befriends him bringing him a blanket and food. He is shot and Emery is sure he dies, until he shows up at her school ten years later. A few Atrian teens are being integrated into the school. On their first day, Roman immediately recognizes Emery as the girl who helped him because the moment he sees her he has a bizarre craving for cold spaghetti, but she doesn’t recognize him. She doesn’t realize who he is until she sees a scar on his abdomen. At a party later on in the episode, Emery and Roman run off into the woods after the police show up. Emery and RomanWhen they are a safe distance away, he asks if she’s okay, and she says that other than committing social suicide, she’s fine. She asks if he is okay and he says that he has heard of humanity, but the more time he spends around humans, the less he understands it. Emery assures him that there are good people in the world and Roman says he’s only met one.  He takes her hand and puts it against his – palm to palm. She jerks hers away as if his palm was hot, and he tells her she doesn’t have to be afraid. They both lean in as if they’re going to kiss when Emery’s phone rings ruining the moment.

Drake and RomanThen there’s the relationship between the Atrians and the humans in general. When the Atrian teens arrive at school there is a huge protest. And when the Atrians don’t recite the Pledge of Allegiance with them, a few of the human students – mainly a guy named Eric – have a problem with this. The problem is further amplified when Roman speaks to Emery about joining her club. Eric shoves Roman and they argue. Later on in the episode, Eric and a couple of his friends are harassing Roman’s sister, Sophia. When he sees this, Roman pulls Eric away from her and is attacked by Eric and his friends. Drake, an Atrian, and some of his fellow warriors decide to crash the party held by Taylor, a human classmate, at an abandoned farmhouse. A fight ensues and the only thing that ends it is when the cops show up.

Julia and EmeryAnd what about Julia’s battle with leukemia? Julia, Emery’s friend, is being discharged from the hospital because her chemotherapy isn’t working and she isn’t going to get any better. Emery sneaks Julia out of the hospital and they sneak into the sector using Emery’s dad’s key badge to look for cipher which is rumored to cure many illnesses. When a fight breaks out, Roman takes them to his rooftop where there is a garden containing cipher. He tells them that they sell the cipher to gullible humans, but really it’s just the same thing as saffron and only used for cooking. When he later learns that Julia is going to die, he sneaks into her hospital room, pushes a piece of cipher into his vein, extracts some of his blood with a syringe, and empties it into Julia’s IV. She appears to make a full recovery, but not before Emery notices a piece of cipher on the floor by the hospital bed.

Roman and NoxLife in the sector also seems a bit strained. Roman and Sophia’s father, Nox, is the leader of the Atrians and is the alien responsible for the integration with the human population. Many of the Atrians are certain that integration will not work. Roman is thinking this himself. His father tells him that he has faith that the humans will accept them some day. After Roman visits Weeble, a vendor in the sector, to get his tracker turned off so he can stop Drake and his friends from their attack at the party, his father gets mad, understandably, at Weeble and they begin to argue. Some armed guards notice and try to break it up. When they do this, Weeble pulls a gun. Nox steps in front of him to keep him from shooting a guard. A gun fires and Nox falls dead. Emery’s father shot him.

Those are my highlights from the first episode and, personally, I absolutely loved it. My DVR malfunctioned and didn’t record the first fifteen minutes so I had to get a Hulu Plus subscription in order to watch the episode in its entirety. I didn’t want to miss how it all began. While I love Matt Lanter and his portrayal of Roman, I’m hoping that Aimee Teegarden shows up to the party. I don’t love her character yet, but I don’t hate her either. I have hopes that in further episodes, I will grow to love Emery as well because Aimee seems like such a great person… and even though I’m not a huge fan of her character yet, I am 100% pro-Romery. I also love Malese Jow’s character Julia. After Roman, Julia is easily my second favorite character. I’m wondering, however, what the consequences are of Roman healing her. I guess we’ll have to wait to see.

So, what did you think of the pilot episode of Star-Crossed? Let me know!